About me

Eva Skaar

(In Norwegian)

Eva SkaarI am a visual artist working with oil painting. I work on the borderlines between the figurative and the abstract.

I often spend a long time searching for the images I want to paint. I work myself through layers and layers of paint before I find what I am looking for. Together, these different layers represent phases that shape the final expression. The process is unforeseeable, and the picture constantly changes direction.

The process is essential. I have my own strategies to avoid excessive control and judgment. “Just paint, do not think.” I try to cooperate with whatever happens on the way. But I also need to regain control and to make conscious adjustments. I want the painting to be a totality where all elements play together. It is a slow and demanding process that often implies resistance.

I have been practicing and teaching Acem Meditation for many years. There are interesting parallels between the creative and the meditative process. Both are spheres where we may explore and make visible something that we didn’t know existed, and even reach for something that is beyond our reach.